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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 10, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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it morning we are falling and other developed a split clean. a few hours from now chevron is opening up a health center that will help people file claims that are related to that fire. here is the location listed above. this will be closed on sunday but open 9 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. weekly. there is also a 1-866 and, then you can contact on your screen. >> justine: the bay area
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quality district said that air samples taken had toxic low levels but now the district is admitting that the initial statement was incorrect. in one of eight samples taken levels of the toxic compound were above the federal standard. it also says that the refinery fire generated smoke containing data--matter that is likely the source that was making people sick. federal investigators remain at the side, they will investigate the events that led up to monday's fire as well as what happened directly afterwards. officials with the agency said this is not just about what happened on monday, is also about what happened or did not happen the weeks, months, and years before this fire. >> they need to change
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minutes schedules. this they have to take more tender loving care as they get older. >> justine: they went on to say that incidents like monday's fire are on the rise all across the bay area. >> justine: today there'll be a ceremony to honor the sikh worshipers. >> justine: the police did allow members of the temple where the shooting happened on sunday to go back inside the temple cnn was allowed an exclusive look and a pain takes us there. >>anchor: temple members row been scrubbed and handed
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over the damage that killed six people and critically injured three others. >> our congregation will do whatever it takes to get back on track. in in such a positive feeling to see everyone back together and so dedicated for this place. >>anchor: they're leaving -- hold on the door panel of the entryway as a reminder. the son of the temple's president who died in the shooting died a hero. >> the people that died where he rose, the other person was a coward and at
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the end of the day he should always be remembered as a coward. >> people always concentrating on our differences, they should concentrate on our similarities. >>anchor: civil rights leader jesse jackson paid a visit to the temple and help to pay, more shootings are likely to follow unless the united states tightened up its gun laws. >> justine: vigils on legal killed in the shooting continue a around the bay area. here is the one that will happen at 7:00 tonight. >> justine: much more ahead on this friday we have hot weather as the ticket live look outside and a shot of the golden gate bridge. we will check out the hot spots with erica when we come right back. [music]
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>> justine: there is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are expecting a high of 77 later this afternoon. the hottest temperatures will be in the east bay and erica will track all of that for us in just a few minutes. >> justine: in a fundamental so hot investigation even though extended found that goldman market mortgage securities to banks and other investors could fail to tell them with the securities and how risky they were, the senate panel said it secretly bet against investments but the justice
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department will not prosecute. >> justine: now chinese exports is 01% from one year ago which was well below expectations. acura home a report on u.s. import and export prices and on top this morning. >> justine: in case you missed it, here is an update on the campaign trail.
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>> if business people around the world thing that america will someone become like greece, spain, italy, or california. i am just kidding about that one. >> justine: while in southern california to the governor brown dismissed ms. romney's remarks as inaccurate. he went on to say the comet was silly. >> justine: the us take a break on the kron4 morning news and we will have an update on your forecast right after this.
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>> reporter: this young man witness a shooting that she says also and her friend and it is told that he will survive the shooting. the shooting happened of around 10:30 p.m. wednesday night near the intersection of foothill boulevard in east oakland. you can see balloons, flowers and stuffed animals at the spot where turner died. this
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makeshift memorial is becoming a familiar sight for the victim's family. a relative say that someone shot and killed turner's father four years ago and her cousin was shot dead last month. police do not know of the killings are connected. turner leave behind a nine month police say she is the 66th homicide victim of the year. >> justine: 20 year-old rowell was arrested after the police found dozens of illegal images in his home. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after making its latest of arrest, the felony task force was safe--no less safe was back on the street busting people and often it
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begins like this with undercover deputies making surprise visits to the homes are registered sex offenders to make sure that they're in compliance with their probation. >> we want to see if they have kids in the house: if they have prior sentences for child molestation or abuse, we ask more questions like who are these kids and why are they here? >> reporter: this is one of many tools that is used to zoom in on child pornography suspects. now rowell had not been a known sex offender but had been on their radar for the past four months. >> we were able to locate and identify future suspects. >> reporter: cardoza says the ease of sharing digital files make stop pornography on the increase.
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>> we go to the house may have a ton of computer stuff and then we ask questions are you an engineer, the you have a computer background? we have to ask those questions, do they go london do they do internet chat rooms, all those kind of things. >> reporter: deputy say their goal is to get those who are committing child pornography crimes off the street before they commit more serious crimes. >> justine: the city received a check from the insurance company aig, this is the damage from the fire. about $2.4 million in damage and that check is worth $2 million of that amount. investigators say wilder started the fire here it was a vacant and being ready for the america's cup race. it was going to house the operations center.
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>> justine: a firefighters injured during a 14 a. wildfire this happened about 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon it is now contain this morning. more than 160 firefighters battled the blaze one suffered first degree burns on his hands and in april to the hospital for a minor injury. the fire spread so quickly because temperatures lower over 100 degrees. it also destroyed a vacant home and one car. a new report now suggest that the severity at lake tahoe was more severe than the reports from 2010 to 2011. they are not sure why the cold wet weather might have helped. they said the lakes
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ability to produce oxygen has been reduced by global warming. >> justine: we will be right back.
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>> reporter: i want to introduce you to a great disservice in the bay area. it is a startup that is named did a clown. few can use this through their web site for download the free mobile application. this service helps to types of people, car owners and those that need a car from time to time. >> there are 1 million cars on the planet that are used a couple hours a day and completely unused for a large amount of hours every day. we wanted to solve the problem called car overpopulation. >> reporter: --
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>> in many cases you can complete the k from your car by sharing it with other people. our biggest car owner has made about $4,700 per month. >> reporter: for those that do not own a car it is a great service a way to rent a car for an hour or of two a month. there are lower in the cars that dirtied and high in fancy sports cars out of the movie that you can read. >> if you are going on a hot day you can get a nice car, where maybe you just want to get an economical car to go pick up some groceries. >> reporter: it is an easy process. >> every rental includes complete insurance it has collision coverage up to $1 million. so no matter in the car, insurance is included in you will not need your own insurance. additionally,
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the owners' insurance is never impacted during any rental period, covered by get around insurance. >> reporter: they invented a car kit that is installed into the owners car, it uses gps and wifi technology to allow those renting and owning too locked and unlocked car from anywhere with this smart application. >> justine: take a look at this, this is video shot with a go pro hd camera. the plane was taking off from a small airport in idaho and shortly after the plane begins to lose
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altitude and watch what happens next. >> justine: yes, you saw it and you are hearing it the plane crashed into the trees and hit the ground. the good news is that everyone's revived. the pilot had the most serious injuries, may broken jaw and cheekbones and he said that he kept doing what he could when the crash happened. investigators said his actions save the lives of everyone on board. we will be right back with our forecast stay with us.
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>> justine: here is a live look from our roof camera and san francisco and if you
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saw yesterday and bought it was hot, wait until today. i am in the weather center with erica we are tracking the hot temperatures how hot the think it will get? >> erica: as we head into the afternoon, we are talking upper 90s for several bay area locations. for the in the east bay valley we will see temperatures like 95 degrees that will be pretty common. we will shave off a couple of degrees compared his to the but as we head into tomorrow and looks like we are back into the triple digits. let us take it with your headlines we have warm to hot conditions on tap temperatures will range from the mid-60s to the upper 90s. as we head into tomorrow it is mostly sunny with another hot one. again, we can introduce the triple digits and as we look ahead, the hot weather is well above the seasonal average. this will stick into the latter part of next week certainly prepare for warm weather. the dress
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and breathable clothing it looks like we have a spare the ear alert. --spare the air alert. >> erica: we have low '70s expected in areas around the bay. >> erica: if you plan on going to the game, the temperature will be in the mid to upper 60s we have sunny conditions for the start of the game. >> erica: now for your seven day around the bay, it looks like we could cool down by thursday for your warmer
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inland areas. now we have no hot spots to alert you to, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is still a problem free. i have checked with the chp but there are no axes to report. the san mateo bridge ride is moving well in both directions with no problem it looks like golden gate bridge south bound 101 has a little bit of cloud coverage to contend with. your captivated drive time is just 23 minutes for those of you out of navato into the city. >> justine: our states the red could take a beating because of the triple digit temperatures through the week. managers of the power plant are calling for power conservation. this will be today through sunday in the afternoon peak hours when energy is usually at its highest use ps this alert is
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to prevent rolling blackouts. this high temperature has caused high level ozone pollution that erica mentioned that today is another spare the air day. >> justine: chevron is opening a health center and there will help residents that want to file a complaint against the massive fire. it will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., from saturday will be open from 8:00 a.m. until noon. their clothes on some then there open all next week from 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. the address is listed above and the hot line number as well. >> justine: in the meantime air quality regulators say they were wrong about what caused pollution from the chevron refinery fire in richmond. the bay area management quality district says that air samples taken during the fire show that
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top air contaminants were below levels but now they say the initial statement was incorrect in one of the samples taken levels of the toxic compound called acro lean were above the federal standards. they also say that black smoke that had some matter in it was the cause of some complaints by residents in the bay area. >> reporter: with gas prices on the rise because of the refinery fire, we have found easy to track and on the web site one of the top stories on our web page continues to the gas prices. we have created a price locator to make finding the cheapest gas really easy.
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just below where it says find the latest gas prices you will see this that says all links, click on that and then this will appear the map is color coded with the darkest read indicating the most expensive gas and the yellow and orange indicates cheaper gas. you can zoom in on this button and you will eventually see actual gas prices on the map for all of the bay area. you can click on the price that you like and this will tell you exactly which gas station is selling that gas. the prices are listed for different grades, scroll down and you will see price trends for san francisco, oakland and san jose. all three cities sawgrass rise about 45 overnight and about 165 from one week ago. if you scroll down even more you will see the lowest prices section. we have made it easy to find the absolute cheapest gas in san francisco, oakland, and
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san jose. finally, help us out senior photograph to breaking news at we will post pictures to the side, this locator is a great tool to navigate through these tough times and hopefully save you some money at the pump. >> justine: more lines are expected this morning at the second day of a job fair for the san francisco new city targets. people showed up trying for one of the 300 jobs that is located at the metrion. >> justine: despite a drop in unemployment last month there are still millions of people seeking work and that is why some people said they line up for hours just try to get an interview. >> reporter: this is one of several lines that job applicants face as they weave their way through the target a job fair on thursday. after making it to
4:39 am
the front of the line the completed form and then they go here to wait some more. this is where the first of several interviews was being held. the lucky ones then get placed in this section and then there is a call for another interview. this woman said that she arrived at 7:00 a.m. to get in line, it did not open until 11:00 a.m., but by noon, she was close to the front. >> i am good at stop work and customer service. >> justine: she and others hope they are one of the lucky ones that hope they make it. >> reporter: have you been looking for a job for a while? >> intensely, it is >> reporter: these two made it all the way through the force the process now as far as getting a job... >> reporter: were you
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offered a job? >> they said i will be called back within the next seven to 10 days. >> i feel great. >> i feel great, i had a wonderful interview and i made them laugh. >> justine: the san francisco music and food festival return to golden gate park. >> justine: coming up in the next hour, we will have a live report on how they're getting ready for this big event. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news on this friday morning as we take a live look at what is happening outside along 680 and walnut creek.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> justine: suspect james home to return to court--
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james holmes return to court yesterday. cameras were allowed in the core this time. if you can remember he is the man that shot of the theater killing 12 people and injuring 15. he is charged with murder and attempted murder. it is unclear if the judge will make a ruling on whether or not the gag order stays in place. >> justine: in d.c., a man or a flat screen tv on amazon got, and he ended up with a surprise he did not get what you order. he said that his package contained a semi-automatic rifle. the invoice shows the gun was set for delivery for a pennsylvania gun dealer. we have much more ahead as we take a live look outside in
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san jose. we are expecting things to really heat up and right now the current temperature is in the '60s and by noon it will be 83 warming up to 87 degrees. we have much more on the weather and how long it will be this hot will me come right back.
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>> justine: we are waiting for more hot weather to hit us in the bay area, erica is in the center to show us just got it will get. >> erica: i have highlighted the bay area hot spots that we are anticipating for later this afternoon. we are talking to 99 degrees for fairfield, antioch and livermore. if you are talking upper 90s that is reserved for the in the east bay valleys. things will get pretty hot we are talking low 90s had best. i will have those numbers coming
4:47 am
up. now looking outside the door, we have low sixties for fairfield in concord, not too much change for san francisco weather. it is 56 degrees there, and 53 in the city. as we take a look at the after the high temperatures, things are pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. we have low 90s for campbell and los gatos and as we turn our attention inland, you can see all of the upper 90s here and allow an easing union city and 78 in san leandro. downtown san francisco will be a low '70s, open to the north they will see a wide range of 80's. we will continue to seek triple digit readings and your bay high
4:48 am
temperatures will be in the '80s for the most part. we will seek relief in the overnight hours with temperatures back into the fifties. you're heading to the 49ers preseason game against the vikings, it looks like the game will start at 6:00 p.m.. now here is a look your extended forecast to have your seven day around the bay with pretty warm conditions by 12:00 p.m. we have upper 90s for livermore and as we pushed closer to the evening by 3:00 p.m. we could see 104 degrees in livermore and 102 degrees in fairfield. it is extremely toasty there. as we start the next work week we will see mid-90s for your warmest inland areas. we have upper '70's are around the bay. it looks like temperatures will continue to climb down, but still well above the seasonal average. still we have the hot spots in the traffic some of the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza
4:49 am
shows a handful of cars making the west bound trip with no miramax to deal with. your ride is moving smoothly in both directions of highway 92. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge that shows a little bit of cloud coverage but overall we have clear conditions. over on the traffic map we have a lot of green on the road with sensors for north bound 101 and interstate 280. it looks like we have no access to report coming out of the north bay. >> justine: now we will take a look at sports, already this is a matchup that will go down in the history books. this game featured the first female to ever officiate in nfl game in the league's 93 year history. she took the field but did not answer any questions or talk with the media she is all part of the nfl
4:50 am
replacement released since the actual referees are in a lockout. this is her 17th year as a football official. the hat and a whistle to the football hall of fame. the 49ers will play their first preseason game when they host the minnesota vikings at candlestick park today. it is at 6:00 p.m. and one of four matchups that they face before the regular- season schedule starts on september 9th. there will be some express' shuttle's offered by muni to candlestick park from five different locations around the city. if you want to find out where they are you can go to our web site and look for the traffic section. it looks like the all-star why howard is going to be--going to the lake
4:51 am
show. now the warriors will have to face kobe bryant, steve nash, and 11. much will today states into kron4 news.
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>> justine: this indelicacy might have you wondering why you just paid $100 for an endangered species. and serve it on shark fins to in 14 cities contains what they call a risk species. he couldn't the samples included the hammerhead and school shark which are will hon. to extinction. samples were collected in major cities including new york
4:54 am
and los angeles. reach her --researchers say this proves that the global decline in sharks is not just in asia. >> justine: we have more detailed look at the surface of mars. charles clifford now give us a closer look at these high definition photograph appear >> reporter: nasa has released a stunning new picture of mars up until now they have only sent low resolution images now we have this 360 degree color panoramic shot of this area where it landed. we also have this overhead view of the probe itself. let us start by taking a look at this picture, this is looking down on curiosity from one of the navigation cameras. refusal man, you can see dirt and rocks that landed. this is actually called an augmented reality tack. smart phone users can
4:55 am
eventually use this to get more information about the curiosity mission. over to the left, you can see one of the rovers wheels. once curiosity starts moving at possibly as soon as next week the wheels will leave a pattern and the san that scientists can use to judge the distance that this probe has traveled. let us take a look at the high-definition color image of the area around the pro. --the probe. often in the distance you can see dark colored sand dunes that curiosity will eventually explore and beyond that, you can see and 18,000 ft. peak that is curiosities' ultimate destination. nasa has been releasing new images almost on a daily basis. if you follow us on our facebook page we post the images as soon as we get them, usually in the morning. >> justine: the meteor
4:56 am
shower returns this weekend it should be a spectacular show, as astronomers say we should expect to see as many as 100 shootings per hour. this is a product of the swift shuttle comment. that is pretty awesome. >> justine: temperatures will be in triple digits for saturday and also sunday looks to be warm. there are a lot of even having outlined in the bay area this weekend between the 49ers, the giants and we will have a report coming up in just a few minutes ago we have more on when this cool down come when we come back now kit ready for traffic gridlock and as soon as
4:57 am
tonight shows how some of the be given to i just mentioned will create some serious traffic. not a dramatic plane crash was caught on camera, we will show you more of it and show how the passenger and pilots were able to walk away. that is coming up in two minutes on the kron4 morning news.
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[music] >> justine: we begin this morning looking at our state power system, managers are calling for a power conservation. they are asking for a flexible learned that is happening today through sunday during the peak afternoon hours when energy use is generally at its highest. that alert is there to prevent any power emergencies or rolling blackouts. the temperatures are causing high levels of ozone pollution. today is another spare the day. we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza let us turn to erica to see how hot it will get. >> erica: good morning justine i do not think we will seek triple digits in
5:01 am
the afternoon but we may have wanted to degrees cooler compared to yesterday. that basically means you will not feel it, it will be toasty. as of right now we have low 60s out in hayward and mountain view, we have 56 in palo alto. as we check out the day planner into the afternoon we will have another hot day. we will continue to see unseasonably warm conditions. i will show you when we will see some relief coming up in my next report. but now it is time for traffic with george. >> george: here is your quick commute check around the bay area you will find like traffic that is certainly the case in the east bay and the south bay. expect like traffic for the peninsula and the 101 in the north bay. >> justine: in just a few hours from now, chevron will open up a health center to help people file claims against chevron. for residents that want to file a claim this is related to
5:02 am
the massive refinery fire. will tran is on the scene to tell us about details when this will open and what you need to do to file a claim. >> will: it will open at 9:00 a.m., so right now the community center is quiet. but as you can see it is ready to go. there is a banner of fesses claims helps intricate as much as 1700 people could potentially be adjusting. that is the number of people that complain about respiratory illnesses as well as irritation the night of the massive explosion. we know that allow people went to the hospital and of course their hospital bills should be paid. they are not running from it they are willing to pay for but you have to come down with documentation to show them what is going on. it opens up in just a few hours and will be open throughout the week as well. they are hoping to get all the claims done over the next three hours. coming up at 8:00 p.m., will have a live--
5:03 am
coming up at a a.m., we will have a live interview talking to them about what you need to bring and will there be any reimbursement. of course people will come down here want to get reimbursement but we will see how long that will take. >> justine: in the meantime air quality regulators said they were wrong about the pollution during the refinery fire in richmond. they originally said air samples taken during the fire show that the toxic air contaminants were below levels that were considered safe by federal health officials. they say the initial statement was incorrect. in one of eight samples taken through out richmond, levels of the toxic compound called acro lean were above the federal
5:04 am
standards. they say some smoke particles are the likely source of health complaints of the residents in richmond. federal investigators remain at the site they are investigating the events that led up to monday's fire as well as what happened directly afterwards. officials with the agency have said that their investigation is not just about what happened on monday it is also about what happened or did not happen in the weeks, months and years prior. >> this is old equipment and they have to give it more tender loving care as it gets older. >> justine: he went on to say that incidents like what happened on monday are on the rise across the country. and mourners gathered today to pay their final respects to the 6 worshipers that
5:05 am
were gunned down. the services will include prayers, and gov. scott walker will attend the weight and a visitation at a local high school. yesterday police allowed members into the building and the city leader jesse jackson paid visit. they be opened at the dining hall with a run an open kitchen. the son of the temple's president had died in the shooting has a work for the victims and another for the gunman. >> they are hering the american dream, the other person was a coward and at the end of the day they will always be remembered as a coward. >> justine: police say the gunman fatally shot himself in the head after an officer shot him in the stomach. his motive is still unclear. now vigil's honoring the victims killed in the temple shooting continue to run the
5:06 am
bay area, the sikh temple in berkeley invites people to a candlelight vigil at 7:00 p.m. those attending the action to bring your own candle. now we have learned that a man in afghanistan army with a form shot and killed three american service members this morning in southern afghanistan. >> justine: military officials say the schubert is a member of the helman police force and was helping train the afghanistan's troops. the attack is the third this week. on tuesday to gunmen wearing afghanistan uniforms killed a u.s. soldier and wounded two others. yesterday, to afghanistan soldiers tried to gun down a group of nato troops outside of a military base in eastern afghanistan. we will be right back.
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>> justine: new information about a stabbing that happen overnight. it happened just before 4:00 a.m.. we will give you more information on this investigation as soon as the information comes in to the kron4 newsroom. >> justine: the other thing that we are watching is the three day event house of the golden gate park is expected to attract as many as 60,000 people each day. to give you
5:16 am
more news faster we turn to jackie cecil who is live at the vip entrance good morning. >> reporter: do not read anything into that justine i do not think i will be going into the vip entrance but this is a big weekend at the park and all around san francisco. i can tell cnn there are huge defenses and all types of amazing equipment out here in getting ready for the conference festival where they expect to have tens of thousands of concertgoers. this to the video from last year this year is a huge event. they have huge stacks of like metallica, stevie wonder and the foo fighters are expected to be here. tonight in haven't giants baseball game and you also have the 49ers first
5:17 am
preseason game and that means traffic nightmares around the area. there are new systems set up for muni telling people where to go, there are some changes in the systems. take a look at the lines that will be effective for this entire weekend. and the at this list. the best advice that i can give you, if you plan on traveling anywhere tonight take public transportation, ride a bike, the client, and it dropped off and walked in that is the best advice i can give you. there are thousands of people around this area. parking is almost nonexistent. if you think you will come into the parking park your vehicle that is just not going to happen. >> justine: are you going to the festival? >> i am not going to the festival i think this is as close i will get to getting in. >> justine: enjoy yourself
5:18 am
out there today, you know who is going? erica is. she has the forecast for >> erica: now i remember yesterday it was really cloudy and a lot of drizzle but today we have a partly clear skies, temperatures are well above the seasonal average. we will see to the to the in the low '70s for your afternoon high temperatures and upper 60s if you plan on going later and joined the axis like metallica. >> erica: check out our temperatures, we could get close to the triple digits.
5:19 am
looking ahead, we will continue with pre warm conditions and here is a look at your numbers right outside the doors. >> erica: our future passed for shows that we have 60s along the coastline and 70 throughout the heart of the day. we will have a lot of 80's in the north bay and down in the south hit by 12:00 p.m. we could see low nineties for the warmer inland areas. as we head into the afternoon high temperatures, we are sitting on the border of triple digit readings. the breaking down the numbers we have very similar contentions-- conditions compared to yesterday. >> erica: we have low '70s
5:20 am
for downtown san francisco and 66 for daly city. your kron4 around the bay forecast shows that we will continue with warm conditions, today we are contending with a spear the year advisory at the start of the next work week we will shave a couple of degrees. it looks like by thursday will cool down into the low nineties for the inland areas, low eighties around the bay and upper 60 for the coast. now let us take a look at your weather. >> george: is pretty quiet in the traffic the plant have this police action in the south bay. we have no problem starting with a bridge check here looking at your ride it is an easy trip with no delays on any of the approaches. >> george: the golden gate bridge of could for your
5:21 am
ride south bound coming in from marin county. and looking at the traffic map, you will see green on the road with sensors indicating goodspeed's. we have a 13 and then drive time for release to berkeley. >> george: there are no delays through marin county on 101 south bound. >> justine: and major veteran charity is being sued by the state on allegations that the director misuse millions of dollars in private donations. they said the group used private donations for hefty pensions including more than $80,000 and golf memberships for the board members. in a chair and watched all group said only about 3% of the organized nations funds go towards programs that will help veterans.
5:22 am
>> justine: this just then we're hearing about officers investigating a shooting that left one person injured this on the 1900 block of san pablo ave. no information has come in yet about a suspect we will keep you updated on this developing story, we will take a break and be right back.
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3q what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
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>> justine: i hoped like hot weather because that is what is in store in your seven day of around the bay. 99 degrees is the high for the day. we have triple digits coming for saturday and also sunday is a hot one. closer in the day we are in the '80s by the coast and upper 60s. there are so many outside the events in the bay area we will show you all of those and more on the forecast in just a few minutes. the u.s. agriculture department says that it will impose tougher
5:26 am
penalties on store as the vital the food stamp rolls. the federal government will also give states the approval to remove applicants unallowable--and eligible for this program. congress passed a five-year farm and nutrition bill that provides almost $80 billion per year to the food stamp program. >> justine: now 147 cases have been reported in four states since mid july on the swine flu. the majority of them are in indiana. the center for disease control says that they expect this virus to increase. preliminary steps have been taken to develop a vaccine but in the meantime they recommend washing your hands before and after touching pigs and do not eat or drink
5:27 am
near pigs and do not take food into the areas. now i new study suggests that a very popular here loss of drug may make man half-- have suicidal thoughts. the researchers at george washington university school of medicine and health and finances conducted this small sample study. authors of the study are calling on doctors to discuss the possible side effects with operations. --discuss the possible side effects with patients. now we're taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza we have no hot spots, but hot weather on the way, stay with us.
5:28 am
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5:30 am
>> justine: here said the convicts stories we are following this hour, your quality officials are concluding their first reports from the refinery fire they say the fire contained man had that is a likely reason there are so many health complaints from residents. --say the fire contained matter and that is the likely reason there are so many health reports from residents. >> justine: today temperatures were in the upper 90s but if you think that is hot, you just have to wait to see what erica has to say. >> erica: tomorrow, temperatures climbed into triple digits. here is a mature bay area conditions today. we are contending
5:31 am
with upper 90s men walnut creek--upper 90s near walnut creek. as we take in the at your day planner and a fight we have mostly sunny conditions and then into the evening hours temperatures will continue to be mostly clear we have mild temperatures back into the '60s and '70s. i will br a lookr events and what the weather will be like coming up in my next report. >> george: here is a complete check it is still pretty light even on interstate 580 and highway 4. we still have like traffic in the south bay peninsula and the north bay rides. >> justine: we have the latest out of richmond, and just a few hours from now, chevron will put up a health center in richmond if you want to file claims that are related to the massive refinery fire. will tran is live at the scene to tell us what people need to bring
5:32 am
and how many people they are expecting. good morning will. >> will: maybe 1000 up to 1700 people could be here that is the number of people that complain about respiratory illnesses. this place will open up in 3 1/2 hours and as you can see, there is a sign that is already in place. they worked on this all day yesterday. they put the refinery here and the reason why, this is open to everybody. accessibility will not be a problem. there will keep people here taking your claims, and the crowds should start arriving within the next hour or two hours for the house because so many people plan on being here. chevron is warning people that it is your job if you feel like to have a claim or if you have documentation it is george up to come down here they will not go out there and proactively cq out. apparently there are some people out there doing that
5:33 am
and they're telling people to be careful because this has nothing to do with them. we can't--we plan to talk with a chevron spokesperson telling you what to bring, how quickly people will get things back. if your property has been damaged as well, there will pay you for that. >> justine: we move on as the oakland police are trying to figure out why a teenage mother was shot dead in oakland wednesday night near the intersection of foothill boulevard in east oakland. police believe the 16 your own mother was coming out of the liquor store with a group of people when about five other people walk up and started shooting at them. investigators do not know why someone shot at them. they do not know if the victim was the intended targets. the bullets went through car as and when the coast. the mother died at the scene and it also
5:34 am
injured her friend, a 23 year-old man with the police say he will survive his injuries. >> we received information from residents there, we had quite a few people that were present during the shooting. >> justine: the mother leaves behind a nine month old daughter. >> justine: police are looking for a 19 year-old that kidnapped a teen mother and her two year old at gunpoint. oakland police than the suspect is that the woman and her two month old child, for h the manernandez is the father of the baby. the couple showed up at a home in oakland at the mother and child police did not say whether or not they were dropped off or if they escaped. >> we want to know how she got to this location and what transpired once the suspect occurred. some of those answers we hopefully
5:35 am
will find through our investigation. >> justine: police say the suspect has a criminal history and is armed and dangerous. >> justine: 5 high school football players at liberty high school say for seniors and once off more have been removed. police say a hazing incident happened at late june at sacramento state university in involved batteries using ic hot pain relief treatment in a manner that was not appropriate. >> justine: wednesday night at about 8:00 p.m. police say 13 year-old boy was walking home to his grandmother--from his grandmother's house. police said the child was known to
5:36 am
be associated with a gang and the officer reached out to the boy just hours before the shooting. >> justine: the port of san francisco that a big check to rebuild part of a pier that was damaged. the city received money from the insurance company aig. there was about $2.4 million in damage and the check covers about $2 million of that amount. the building was vacant and being prepared for the america's cup race. >> justine: news organizations are pushing for more information on last month's movie theater shooting. james home to return to court yesterday and made several media outlets asked the judge to unskillful several orders in
5:37 am
the case. both defense and prosecutors are arguing against the release of any more records and this could jeopardize the case and killed his opportunity to have a fair trial. the 24 year-old is charged with murder, attempted murder and two weapons charges it is unclear on whether not the judge will make his ruling. 12 people were killed and 58 people were wounded in the shooting. we have much more ahead on the kron4 morning news on this friday. is so good to say that as we take a live look outside at what is happening with traffic. the the forget it will be hot i have details on your forecast after this.
5:38 am
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5:40 am
>> justine: in san jose a number of high school back packs will be given away to students. we will show you the long line of people that signed up for backpacks at sacred heart. nearly 2500 kids will be able to pick up their very own backpacks for school. inside there will
5:41 am
be $60 worth of crayons, markers and a $20 gift certificate as well as the u.s. the. school officials say they received 300 more requests for backpacks compared to last year. >> justine: nasa had a very good week of they are admitting a setback today. >> james: the spider lead-- >> justine: the spider lead lender was taking off in seconds later it started to killed and fell to the ground. you are looking at the flames now. there were trying to use some cheaper and more environmentally friendly rocket fuel. nasa said it could land on places like the atlantic astroid without busting its budget. >> justine: singer and songwriter neil diamond is getting a star on the hollywood rock--
5:42 am
today. he has sold more than 125 million records around the world. the brooklyn native attended newark and the university as a premed student on a fencing scholarship. it will be right in front of the capitol records building in hollywood. we will take a break and be right back on this hot friday as we take a live look outside at our camera showing us what is happening with traffic in san jose. the current temperature is 62 degrees. san jose. the current temperature is 62 degrees. it [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> justine: in just a few hours from now chevron will open a health center in richmond that will help residents that want to file claims related to the massive refinery fire. it
5:46 am
will be open today from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. saturday from 8:00 a.m. until noon, it will be closed on sunday and then open next week for the same hours. the address and toll- free number on the screen. we are also watching the weather that is heating up around the bay area. yet today we sparked some triple digits. and a lot of people will be doing some the events outside and that includes the outside glands festival at the golden gate park. this even expect about 60,000 people each day. to give you more news faster to be turned to jackie who is live at the festival site. people say the not even drive to this eave vents, use public transportation. >> will: --
5:47 am
>> reporter: that is the best advice. you will not get anywhere near here. everything is blocked off, there are fences and security gates, the best advice to be to take public transportation, ride a bike, do anything other than try to drive your car. now this festival is expected to do even better. it is happening today at noon. we have some of the biggest acts in the world including stevie wonder, metallica, and and the foo fighters. >> reporter: everything is going to be totally jammed up today. but there are some changes can tv because of the festival. take a look at
5:48 am
some of the changes you can see the list on the muni web site as well. >> reporter: the best advice i can give you is do not attempt to drive down here. it is going to be crazy as want to ride a bike, walk, have someone drop you off do anything. one more thing, they do have a show for the festival itself. it will go from the auditorium to over here, so that is an option. >> justine: i heard the tv is sold out so if you wanted to go, you might not be able to but maybe you can find something on stubhub. >> justine: ok we would check back with you later but first you want to look at traffic. >> george: we have a pretty
5:49 am
quiet ride around the bay area we have an easy trip to the bay bridge and no problems as we start our bay bridge track--check. 92 is the they free and the golden gate bridge ride looks good so this is an easy and clear trip across the span. starting your ride in the east bay if your on interstate 80, traffic is building through san possible down through the 580 merge. the drive is just 16 to 17 minutes. 101 still looks good still does a the ira was valley. there was an incident in san jose early this morning, there was a police action that had been tying up traffic off the capitol expressway that police action has ended and
5:50 am
the roadway is reopened. tell that us check the weather again with warm temperatures. >> erica: happy friday, temperatures really are not too bad in fact we are a little bit warmer especially out and antioch starting at 67 degrees. we have low 50s right now waking up in santa rosa. we could have a mild to cooler start to the morning. as detectives temperatures in the afternoon you have not seen anything yet. how much time to have some '60s, '70s, '80s and even some 90's. by 3:00 p.m. we will have 90's not only for the acts of potentially for the north bay and places like los gatos as well as the push into the afternoon high temperatures. the purple on your screen looks like we are sitting on the borderline for 90's. i do not think we will hit the
5:51 am
century mark. as we head into 8:00 p.m. we have a significant cool down. temperatures are sitting in the '60s and '70s for the most part. has the checkout baseball weather, temperatures will be sitting in the mid-60s and it will be a pretty sunny start to the game. as we take a look at your seven day around the fort--as the taking of the k yes seven day around the bay forecast, we have low and is a convent and '70s for the coast. by then we will cool down to below 90's but that is still pretty warm for a round out this time of the season. >> justine: thank you erica, not taking a kid is a
5:52 am
massachusetts woman with for a dip in the trawls were ever this week while she was driving. police say the woman was coming back from the hospital and then next thing she knew, she was in deep water can get according to officials she was trying to evade the police. firefighters were able to get the bomb and a quarter of a mile away. police did not say whether or not this was an accident or if this was done on purpose. >> justine: you are watching the kron4orning news, we will take a break and be right back. we have some hot weather for you this weekend.
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